Monday, December 17, 2007

The Four-finger pour

I received two phone calls today to divert my attention away from the task at hand. The first was this morning. D. called to see if I would be up for "another Monday" as he called it, meaning what I can only assume will be an ongoing tradition of sorts: Monday Night Scotch - albeit, not EVERY Monday!

Fine by me since Monday Night Football is boring in comparison.

I had a contract to fulfill out of town, but the timing was going to work such that I could hit M.'s place for a glass of Christmas Cheer.

D., lovingly holding the bottle we started well over a month ago - yes, good scotch is to be savoured.

D. pours - and there are the four fingers!

The second call came from S. who invited me to dinner. When I arrived, I discovered she was in an "interview" of sorts; on her quest to find a new room mate.

To my surprise, and delight, I came home tonight with a tin (or tonne, depending on how you look at it) of healthy Christmas baking! (Sorry, no photos to drool over at this point)

...and what "task" was I diverted from, you ask?

Well... er... I'm about to embark on a writing mission of sorts. You see, I have the final project to submit in my English 399 Detective Fiction course. It's a short detective novel, due... um... tomorrow.

So, I'd best be writing it - wish me luck and remember, good scotch and good food, like good friends are to be savoured and cherished.


Turtle out.

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ipm said...

oh, I'm glad you have a tin of something nice! because I have been preoccupied and the fruitcake seems to be on the back burner this year....

enjoy those Monday nights! :)))

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