Monday, November 19, 2007

The things that run through my mind at almost 5AM


I spent most of yesterday lounging. I found a new audio editing tool I rather like, so took the day to put some music together with it - medleys and that sort of thing.

At 4:00PM I realized I'd spent the whole day at the computer - no wonder I was tired!

I'm up now - almost 5AM, and it sucks. I'm tired, and my mind is racing. I mean - it's FULL. I feel something of a discourse in my life right now. Everything's "fine", but just a little off.

I think back to May when I felt the most settled, the most wonderful I had in (dare I say) years.

I don't feel like that right now.

Strange, because in May I felt I had all kinds of forward motion, good balance between work, school, personal well-being, and play. Yoga was new to me then, and I was also doing all kinds of things I loved.

I was sick for most of September, and I think that's what did it. I started a new course at the U. then, Detective Fiction twice a week during the day. That threw my work schedule off, but honestly, not by much. I also didn't go to pottery - and haven't for some time just because I'm keeping up with school, work, friends and yes, yoga monopolized my days a few weeks back.

I tried participating in Yoga Mala days at the studio, which entailed going 6 days a week. It was an effort on the studio's part to get people to "come to the mat" every day. Good idea, but for an hour and a half every day? Too much for this Turtle. I haven't been back in almost two weeks.

My body's been stressed too. I only recently got back into regular weekly massage therapy treatments, and have felt that once a week at the chiropractor hasn't been enough. (the one thing I DIDN'T neglect when I was sick) Oh, my weight programme - that too slipped in September when I was ill.

I guess I dropped several balls a while back and haven't quite picked them up again. My body knows it, so does my mind and it's starting to affect my spirit.

What HAVE I done that's taking all my time? I'd have to say that on the up side, I have a new room mate arriving December 1 from Phoenix. She was my basement tenant back in '04/'05. I've spent a great deal of November moving my office and prepping her soon-to-be bedroom (and kennel of sorts since she's bringing her two dogs!)

There's an update - Turtle's tired. My apology for any type-os.

Lights out - checking out.

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Anvilcloud said...

I trust you finally got a little sleep. Those were a lot of balls that you had in the air. Hope you can keep the most important ones up there -- or get them back up. :)

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