Thursday, November 15, 2007

Keelo strikes again!

James Keelaghan played the Epcore Performing Arts Centre tonight along with Oscar Lopez - together they are the Compadres.

I walked away with a copy of the new album, "Buddy, Where You Been?" (thanks, Sarah!)- something of a 10-year reunion for Keelo and Lopez.

My sister, L. was kind enough to drive AND spot another $20.00 so we could all have CDs to get signed. Last year I neglected to tell her James was in town, and um... well... it's a good thing she's my sister and loves me enough to forgive and forget, and all that...

Last year I posted here after James played Calgary on Remembrance Day. He's a Calgary native, always proud to return to a warm, home town audience. I remarked to him while he signed my CD that each of his shows always has something different, and I appreciate that.

Hola, James; hola Oscar!

Still, I'm looking forward to some day taking in a traditional Keelaghan show full of the familiar oldies but goodies.

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Miss 1999 said...

Sounds like a great time! I'm glad your sister found another 20 dollars! :0)

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