Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I needed that!

To address my short, but rather cryptic previous post on what "S" might stand for, let me say it has everything to do with visiting the chiropractor.

For the last number of weeks I just haven't felt "right".

I started feeling like I did when I took up chiropractic about 10 years ago. Back then I was working a multitude of jobs including cleaning a dental office after hours. One night I limped out of the office because I was so crippled up I could hardly stand. After several visits to the chiropractor (who was, at that time right next door to the dental office) and a podiatrist, orthodics and regular chiropractic adjustments made me "right" with the world again.

About a year ago I was feeling so fantastic, I stopped visiting the chiropractor and massage therapist. About a month ago I regreted it. In the last two weeks I returned to both a massage therapy school and a new chiropractor.

When I called the chiropractor, on referral from... "S", I asked the receptionist if the doctor was accepting new patients. The answer was yes, and the next question was "How did you hear about us?".

Only after a number of questons did she say,

"Oh, I should get your name..."

I told her.

Brief pause...



"You have no idea who you're talking to, do you?"

"Um... no, you're right, I don't!"

"It's T-L Y."

Brief pause...
(this time from me!)

"You're kidding!"

If you look on my sidebar, you'll notice a link to Eggnog Open House. My high school friend R. holds this party every year for film industry folks and other people he knows.

T-L is R.'s sister.

I've known her for ages, but rarely speak with her, so I didn't clue in on the telephone!

R. & T-L making egg nog for the party

I remember when I was about five years old, going shopping at the mall on Friday nights with my family. My parents would always come home yammering on about all the poeple they'd met that evening. I remember spouting,

"Mom, Dad, I never meet ANYONE I know at the mall!",

to which they replied,

"Just wait until you're our age, dear."

Moms and Dads are so smart!

So, as a result of my first and second consultations which included reviewing a set of x rays, I am now on a six-month programme to correct all the subluxations and weirdnesses in my neck and back.

$1600.00 sounds like a lot of money, but really, I've spent more on things far less important than my body. The urge to sign up for another job is there simply because this new financial commitment seems to be just one more thing to have to pay! Having said that, I think I've found the money simply by revamping the budget. There are always things we spend money on that we don't notice or need.

Three adjustments in and two massage therapy sessions later, I have far more mobility and range of motion. I'm far from "cured", but there is forward motion, and that pleases me!

So with respect to "S" and the chirpractor, let me just say thank you. I needed that!

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ipodmomma said...

it is a small world, isn't it? :))) but glad you are feeling better and gald you won't need to get a second job...

and congrats on 20 years!!! well done... :)))

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