Friday, August 05, 2011

Where there's smoke, there's fire

I was at Mom's this afternoon for coffee. In the middle of our visit I received a text from my friend Dave to say that N.'s dad G. was in the hospital. When I left Mom's, I went to the Foothills to see G. Turns out it wasn't super serious and he was ready and waiting to be discharged... waiting on a signature. As we prepared to leave, the Mother of all rain storms swooped in along with slushy hail. I'm thinking to myself, " I in for a new roof again this year??" We decided to wait out the storm at the coffee shop by the chapel. I'd parked at the church, so D. & G. gave me a ride to my van. I took the usual route home up 24th. Avenue across Crowchild Trail. As I came up 22nd Street to cut through the alley to home, I was stopped in my tracks by this:

My heart started to race, wondering if I might not be able to get to my house. Morley Trail was blocked off by emergency vehicles and tape lines.

This is the best shot I was able to get - it's the house three to the left of the alley, beside the apartment complex, beside the strip mall:

I went around behind the school and across to my place from the west. I was able to go in the back side of the alley from my place:

The next three shots show the overhead water feed from the back of the house:

Neighbours, police and fire crew were in the back alley:

I went around the block to get some shots from the school and East-bound down Morley Trail:

Walking back to the house, I wasn't quite fast enough to catch the shot - the Number 10 bus has been re-routed down Cochrane Road.

...and here I was concerned about hail damage to MY roof. Puts a new perspective on things, indeed.

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Chantay said...

“...and here I was concerned about hail damage to MY roof. Puts a new perspective on things, indeed.”—Well, there’s nothing bad putting your attention to your roof. Damages caused by hailstone can be troublesome than that of the windstorms. Anyway, I hope you checked your roof carefully after the hailstorm. Be sure to cover any holes in your roof and broken windows to avoid water from entering your home and totally damage it.

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