Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Races

Today my niece ran in a City Divisional race at the park near my house. Turtle went down for a peek:

OFF AND RUNNING: Over my sister's shoulder I snapped this photo. Initially I thought I'd got the wrong green shirt, but yay, I was spot on!

ABOUT HALF WAY: Up at the top of the hill, the run continues...

ROUNDING THE BEND: Just ahead of the Finish chute

RACE COMPLETE: N. hands in her number

STANDING: Numbers are placed on the tally sheet in order of placement.

PROUD PARENTS: My sister and B.I.L. came out to cheer on N.

I've been running my own little race of sorts - this one since Sunday. I developed strange and rather significant heart-burn-like symptoms over the weekend. Everything I eat meets with a great deal of pain in around my sternum. I went to the doc. yesterday and after a barrage of EKG and blood tests, was placed on a prescription to lower the production of acid in my tummy. I'm not one to buy in to pharmaceuticals of any kind, so it's with great displeasure that I adhere to doctor's orders. One such order was to stay away from fatty foods. This has me thinking of an about-face where my diet is concerned. I looked into Alkaline-based foods. Since I haven't really eaten properly since Sunday, the race is on to find me something I can pass down that doesn't make me grimace in pain. My energy level really is quite low and I don't feel myself at all. After the race I went to the health food store looking for recommendations, and voila...

MEAL IN A CAN: Literally! And Alkaline-based too.

BLENDER-EASY: Simply add water...

PRE-DIGESTED: In order to help with absorption, it's all ready to scoop-and-go.


It still hurt going down, but at least I'm getting my greens... and proteins, and carbs, and vitamins, and minerals...


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