Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today I helped a friend of mine move north to Red Deer. He's worked for me for a little less than ten years and keeps full time employment in radio broadcasting. He took a job in Red Deer which prompted his move today from Calgary. A mutual friend and also another fellow who works for me from time to time assisted in the trek.

Last night A. phoned me to say he couldn't get a cube van and would have to rent a van similar to mine. Considering we'd be short of space, I rigged up my little trailer with high sides to try and make up for lost room. It all worked out between my van and trailer, the rental van and A.'s mini van. We were all of the afternoon preparing the loads but once on the road everything went smoothly. We even had a chance to sit in for supper at my favourite Mexican restaurant, Las Palmaris.

T. and I were late back to Calgary, but I'm ready to settle in for a much needed sleep.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled to be in Kananaskis for a sound system demo at the TIm Horton Children's Ranch.

Speaking of moving... I'm preparing to move out lock, stock and barrel come mid-August. A friend of mine has agreed to refinish my hardwood floors which means moving EVERYTHING from the upper floor out to storage for the estimated one-week project. Might be a good time to set the wheels in motion too, for a much-needed purge.

Stay tuned for the story of my promised new roof and, I kid you not, three new turtles!


Granny said...

Moving out, even if temporarily, seems to be the best time for triage.

Turtle Guy said...

Triage... I love your analogy!!

It's been a long time - how've you been??

Van Rental San Francisco said...

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