Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lots of "fretting", but I'm not stringing you along

Guitar is coming along nicely. I've made the transition from the bargain electric I bought a little over a year ago now, to a beautiful Yamaki acoustic - practically gifted to me by my dear friend Dave B. He has collected a number of guitars - probably around a dozen - and felt the need to clear out the cupboard. He saw the enthusiasm with which I was learning to play, and felt he really wanted his guitar to go to "someone who will love it, and play it." I paid some money for it, but not nearly what it's worth.

I took my new-to-me guitar to Monday Night Scotch last month because Dwayne plays and has been instrumental, if you will, in helping me along. It was Dwayne who suggested that I begin with an electric (sadly I don't think I blogged about that) because the action is easier and it takes less pressure to hold down the strings.

Last year Dwayne and I were standing in the guitar room at Axe where he works and he had me try a Seagull - a beautiful, and cost-effective Canadian-made acoustic. I messed around a bit and remarked on how easy I thought it was to play, contrary to Dwayne's earlier comparison between electric and acoustic. He said,
"Ah, but you've already been playing for a number of months; that's why."

It was my turn to contribute a bottle of scotch to our monthly social gathering, so I sported along my favourite, Glenmorangie with a sherry finish. I figured I'd better keep Dwayne happy for the immense amount of help he's given me along the way. Scotch in hand (not pictured here), Dwayne set about demonstrating for me how to restring a guitar.

In the process I learned something of Yamaki guitars. Years, years, years ago the Japanese came to North America and bought up a number of the Martins - took them back to Japan, dissected and copied them. The result was Yamaki.
"You've got an heirloom, there, Lad...", he said.

Pictured here is my friend Dave B. with his wife, C. (right) and their friend. Dave, too, likes scotch and was the one who introduced me to Glenmorangie - which is a hit at Monday Night Scotch.

You can't sell my cat on scotch, nor my playing at this point, but It would appear that even the case - especially the case - is Sir William-approved!


Anna said...

Great pics! A friend of ours makes anything out of wood, has done a few violins for his family. What craft....

As for the weather, it is JUST now feeling like California here! I'm glad for El Nino and the rain, but this summer won't feel as endless as previous, and I just hope it reaches your way!!

Take care...

Anvilcloud said...

Hey if I can YouTube myself fiddling (which I still kind of regret), guess what I'll expect from you someday?

Janice said...

Ooh, I use to want to play the guitar. My next door neighbor gifted me one of her son's guitar and I tried to learn, but I have no talent for it.

I gave it to my nephew who took lessons, and he in turn gave it to my daughter who plucks around on it a bit.


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