Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Good news!

I went to the chiropractor this morning with my bundle of x rays in hand. I'd borrowed the previous years' shots to share with my massage therapist student, and last week had this year's comparative x ray taken. The one shot that excites me is the head-and-neck. They measure the angle at which your neck rests subject to your spinal alignment, shoulders and head position.

Back in 2006, my first x ray showed a curviture of 32 degrees.

Normal is 45 degrees.

After the initial 6-month aggressive treatment plan of 4 visits per week for 8 weeks, 3 visits per week for 8 weeks and 2 visits per week for 8 weeks the x ray showed an increase to 38 degrees - very rare, apparently, to have such an improvement in the short period.

One year later in 2007 I'd slipped to 34 degrees.

In 2008, 32 degrees.

Dr. Mike was beaming today when he came in to show me the most recent x ray. He reviewed the numbers from previous years, then popped the film up on the viewer.

Are you sitting down?

My neck curviture now measures...

43 degrees!


My head now rests further back over my shoulders, and my upper back is - although not perfect - straighter.

A lot of the progress is due to massage therapy too, and to be honest I've not felt all that great muscle-wise over the last three months. I'm incredibly tight and my muscle tone is lacking.

I don't drink enough water.
I don't stretch enough.
Exercise? Got lots, thanks - I reno'd a basement in May!

OK. I've been SLACKING.

But good news on the neck front!

Otherwise, I'm quite literally exhausted. I've never felt so absolutely worn out, and after a chat with Dr. Mike today, have come to the conclusion that my long-term go-go-go lifestyle has been to blame. I don't sleep enough, and when I rest I tend to put my body to rest but I don't always quiet my mind. I'm facing a lot of my days tired and not sharp-of-mind.

I've decided not to go on the housing project in New Orleans. Instead, I must focus hyper-locally: quite literally on my body. I've lost a fair amount of weight since September, and I'm feeling the effects. I've always had trouble maintaining my weight, and the last six months have proven even more challenging. Tiredness takes over sooner rather than later simply because I'm not charged - physically.

Off to rest my body, and quiet my mind.


Anvilcloud said...

Way to go on the physical issue. I hope you enjoy your stay-at-home vacation.

Anna said...

glad the back is straighter, that's terrific!

taking care of YOU is the important bit... we've only one body for this lifetime...

Janice said...

So you aren't a pain in the neck?

Sorry had to tease.

Try doing some relaxing exercises when you lay down for the night, or meditation. Something to slow down your mind when your body is at rest.


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