Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bad tummy and an update

I guess it's about time to blog again. It's been a whirlwind of activity around here, and frankly I've had no time nor inclination to write about what's been going on.

In a nut shell: (or Turtle shell as the case may be)

I have a grumpy tummy today and I'm sad to think that it may be a result of having eaten at one of my favourite places because it's the only thing I can think of that would cause the trouble. I visited the pharmacy today for some relief, but it's not all back to normal just yet.

The house it topsy-turvy these days with an all-out renovation downstairs. My long-time tenants Terri and Emarie were graciously refacing the suite during their tenancy and as quirky circumstance would play out, gave their notice to move only two weeks prior to a double-whammy sewer backup and freshwater flood which has necessitated their early departure by two weeks and an all-out re-renovation. Including the drywall dust, I've been eating, sleeping and breathing basement renos because I have a new tenant lined up for June 1st. As with a lot of 'repair' projects -from what I hear - mine has escalated from 'restore' to 'restore and upgrade', subsequently turning this into a much larger-than-anticipated project. It deserves its own blog post, so by month's end I should have the whole story complete with photos.

Personal stuff - well, it's personal, but suffice it to say no less demanding than basement renos and the like.

Business stuff - moving right along, and sometimes screams for the attention that it's been starved. I took a course a few weeks back called "Real Money, Real Profit", offered by ATB - my favouritest bank... but I think I've mentioned that before. It was a two-day seminar encompassing the essence of Economics 201 - a little micro, a little macro and a lot of number chasing. Had an opportunity to rub shoulders with several folks in other industries, our common interests of course being the course and our financial institution of choice. I even had an opportunity to put my professional skill to work when the hotel PA system wasn't working correctly. A minor adjustment to our instructor's lavaliere microphone and some setting changes and we were back on top. Felt good to contribute in my professional capacity, however minimal.

Around about the time of the flood, I was closing in on the completion of my Aboriginal Literature and Film course at the U. This along with everything else was quite simply too much. I was close to dropping the course and accepting an F grade because in the grand scheme of things a recreational course rates pretty low on the scale of priorities when one's house, and let's face it -- partial income, hangs in the balance. One of my classmates called the other day to inquire as to "what's up??". She encouraged me to chat with our prof and possibly work something out. As it turns out, I've been offered an unofficial deferral until the end of May so as to complete the course. There is, indeed, a God, not to mention good-hearted souls here looking out for me.

I still think of Dad on occasion, and sometimes out of the clear blue. The busy-ness of my own life has kindof overshadowed my connection with his spirit, but every so often I notice his presence, and it quite frankly - causes some tears.

That's about it for now - stay tuned for the Great Flood of 2009 coming soon to an Armchair near you.

Turtle out.


Expat Traveler said...

Good luck with it all and yes it does help to ask as you never know what can happen! :) long time no read!

Anvilcloud said...

It does sound rather topsy turvy. I hope it calms down soon.

Anna said...

there are time when life is like a wave, rolling over and over, we're caught up in it!! :)))

metaphor, metaphor, who's got a metaphor??? :)))

thinking of you!!

Mara said...

I did wonder whether you dropped between the cushions in the armchair and couldn't get out anymore, so I'm glad you're doing okay.
Good luck with the renovations/upgrading/courses etc.

Janice said...

Good luck with the home improvement, Dave.


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