Friday, April 03, 2009

Reminiscing, what’s going on today, and future plans

One year ago at this very minute, I was riding the rails underground in Montreal. I had flown out to see Nathalie and had a full day to spend in Montreal before departing to Quebec City via Via Rail. I had, admittedly, one of my best life experiences on that trip.

Upper Left - My day pass and a coffee: cheaper than a cab
Lower Left - A map of the Montreal Metro - I've been to every stop.
Lower Right - On the platform at Quebec

What am I doing today? Nothing quite as exciting as jet setting across the country and riding the rails in new-to-me territory. Nope, today I’m pushing paper. I likely won’t look back on today a year from now to reminisce about the experience. It’s kinda cold and grey outside, as is my mood.

As for future plans? I found myself standing in the back yard with my friend Norm a couple days ago. We talked about two projects I want to see come to fruition this year: one is (hold on to your seat) eaves trough and facia repair and the replacement of badly worn downspouts. (OK, be honest, doesn’t this compete with a vacation to Quebec?) The second is a chain link fence project. For years my yard has been in need of a real fence… a full fence… one that actually surrounds the whole yard. We talked at length about moving some lengths of fence to give a different shape to the yard, and to what we might consider in terms of changing the “map”. This includes relocating trailer parking, moving a shed, and possibly foot printing a section for a future garage development, being mindful to maintain the existing fire pit. Oh, and a new wood crib for firewood… that would be nice.


Anvilcloud said...

Getting o with the grim realities, eh?

Janice said...

Home improvements kind of suck the money away from road trips. But in the long run, if your a home buddy, it's worth it.


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