Monday, February 16, 2009

...after all, it's only natural

I knew it was coming, it was inevitable. I've been having pretty great times for the most part, and the last two or three days have been a counter to that. I've felt kinda bummed, to be honest.

I notice it most at work and in my physical fitness arenas. Work wise, I'm simply not into it right now. I don't mind doing the behind-the-scenes stuff, but the field work, honestly, sucks for me right now. As for my physical wellness, well, it's been a lot of discovery where barriers are concerned. I'm either far more self-aware than I have been, or things are generally pretty messed up. I've been going to my massage therapy student's case study sessions diligently, buying into the programme. I've been going to yoga regularly, buying into the programme. I'm also incredibly stiff and sore these days, and far more aware of what's "wrong" with my body. I doubt any thing's changed for the worse, in fact in many areas I'm feeling much better, however... the more work I do, the more I feel needs to be "fixed". There is forever an additional challenge to face, and that's all part of life, but I seem to be super-aware of all of it.

I also have a bathroom that's driving me nuts... a well-meaning room mate helped me far enough to turn the place into organized chaos, and I've felt like I've been living in a construction zone for four months now. I think only diligence and time or a heap load of money is going to bring it around.

Had a great visit with my friend Norm today - super busy he is, and said he'd be all over helping me fix it all up if it weren't for his own projects at home, his travel and of course family. Gawd, they're as tired as I am. I think Dr. Mike was right - there's an epidemic in Calgary, and it takes the form of burnout.

At least yoga class was uplifting tonight.


Janice said...

You need to pace yourself more.

Anna said...


that said, I'm at a loss, in that you're doing 'all the right things' and sounding about ready to fall over.

hmmm... any holiday time approaching?

Anonymous said...

There is always time to help a friend, you just have to make the time. It could be worse, just feel grateful for all you have.

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