Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"How are you?" "Tired and cranky, thanks...." "Well, at least you're aware of it."

Those were the words I shared with my chiropractor this afternoon as I lay head-down on the adjusting table. I don't really like being in a grumpy mood, but sometimes it's just the way it is, and today was one of those days. Dr. Mike had some interesting input. He said that adjustments to the neck often affect positively one's "mood", almost instantly because allowing the endorphins to flow through the neuro-transmitters create for us that "feel-good" feeling. All very well and fine - I generally feel better after an adjustment any time, but honestly, it's just a bit of a down day for me.

I won't get into the details here, but I'm facing - by choice - some events over the next month or so that will be significantly, and quickly, life-changing. Those of you who are closest know what I'm talking about, however I'm not quite ready to make it public knowledge, except to say it's taken a great deal of my personal energy lately.

I came home from a bit of a camping get-away to some sad news. John Pilling passed away while I was out of town. He was the rector at our church during my early teens and twenties. Also, the current rector at the church announced that he and his wife are separating.

Need a nap.

Turtle out.


ipm said...

sorry you're having a rough road...

keeping you in my thoughts and prayers....

Anvilcloud said...

Sometimes you just have feel what you feel. So you were Quebec again?

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