Thursday, February 28, 2008

CAT TAILS 7: I am so Phat!

The other day I noticed a bulge in Tiki's abdomen.

Not good.

The next day it was still there, and I wondered if it had anything to do with the fact that she wrestles with Diesel, the resident daschound puppy. I thought maybe he'd bit her. They do, after all, participate in activities that cats and dogs are simply best not to, but I'll spare you the details there.

So I made an appointment with the vet. In the mean time, my room mate Terri suggested it might be a hernia; young dogs and cats are prone to getting them because of their activity levels, apparently.

I thought to myself, "Who's going to bankroll THIS??" All of a sudden my "free kitty" isn't so free anymore!

So off to the vet we go.

The doctor came in, we took the lid off the carrier and immediately Tiki took exception to being "accessed".

What did she do?

She immediately made friends with the vet by scratching and biting her; it's the Tiki way.

So once we get her flipped over (the cat, not the vet) the exam was over almost instantly.

"What we have here is a..."

"...fat pocket."

"What?", I said. "My cat's fat?"

I always thought cats were something of a 'self feeding' creature - eating when they feel the need. This has been something of the charm of owning cats, in my opinion.

So now Miss Princess is on a portion-controlled diet.

Maybe I should enroll her in hip-hop classes. Stay tuned and watch Tiki go from Fat to Phat.


Anvilcloud said...

Ours is on the chubby side too, but he's old and lame, so it's okay with both him and me.

ipm said...

I hope Tiki loses her phat... :))) don't want her getting a complex!

Sari said...

Oh, I thought you were going to say she was pregnant!!!

Fat, well, who isn't a little? ha ha

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